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Windows Smart Card Logon Using Feitian ePass2003 PKI Cards and Tokens

Nick Smith | 8 janvier 2021
Authentication PKI Cartes à puce

Windows logon using smart cards and tokens significantly improves the login security for domain user accounts. This post provides an overview of smart card logon and the hardware options available from Microcosm.

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How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Martin Payne | 18 novembre 2020
IP Protection Software Protection

You have spent a significant amount of time and creativity in writing your killer application but you are worried about a competitor or hacker reverse-engineering your software and stealing your intellectual property. What is the best way to protect it?

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How to Copy-Protect Demos and Trial Software

Martin Payne | 27 octobre 2020
Copy Protection Software Protection Trialware

It is common practice for software developers to release demo versions of their software so that potential customers can evaluate its functionality before purchasing it. This licensing model is usually known as trialware, demoware or "try before you buy". This article explores how software demos can be provided in a secure way while protecting IP and revenue streams.

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What is Software Protection?

Martin Payne | 22 juillet 2020
Copy Protection Software Protection

Software protection refers to measures that can be taken by a software developer to prevent unauthorised use of their software, enforcing their licensing agreement and using anti-debugging and anti-reverse engineering techniques to protect their intellectual property (IP) against theft.

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Dinkey Pro/FD Version 7.5 Released

The Dinkey Pro/FD Team | 13 juillet 2020
Copy Protection Dinkey Pro/FD Software Protection

We're excited to bring you version 7.5 of the Dinkey Pro/FD SDK. Almost two years in the making, this release expands the capabilities of Dinkey Pro/FD in many different ways, allowing you to protect more software on more platforms than ever before.

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Microcosm, the Software Copy Protection Experts

Nick Smith | 6 mai 2020
Copy Protection Software Protection

With over 30 years experience in the software protection industry, Microcosm offers a range of copy protection solutions that delivers the perfect combination of security and ease of use. In this post we outline our history and describe our current software protection solutions.

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COVID-19 Information

Microcosm | 3 avril 2020
COVID-19 News

Information about changes to our service due to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

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One-Time Password: Frequently Asked Questions

Nick Smith | 27 mars 2020
HOTP Mot de passe à usage unique OTP TOTP

Answers to common questions relating to importing, provisioning and managing OTP hardware tokens in 2FA and MFA environments.

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Christmas and New Year Opening Times and Support

Microcosm | 17 décembre 2019

Full details of our opening times and sales and technical support over the festive period.

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Les normes relatives aux cartes à puce: Que signifient-elles toutes ?

Nick Smith | 14 mai 2019
Cartes à puce Normes

Compte tenu du nombre important de normes relatives aux cartes à puce, il est important de comprendre leur signification et leur pertinence. Dans cet article, nous donnons un aperçu de plusieurs normes clés et du rôle qu’elles jouent dans l’écosystème de la carte à puce.

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