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(In English) Dinkey Pro version 8.0 released

This release includes everything you need to get started with DinkeyOMS, our new cloud-based licence management system for Dinkey Pro and Dinkey FD dongles.

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(In English) Dinkey Pro/FD version 7.6 released

The latest Dinkey Pro/FD release introduces support for Apple silicon.

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(In English) Dinkey Pro/FD version 7.5 released

We're excited to bring you version 7.5 of the Dinkey Pro/FD SDK. Almost two years in the making, this release expands the capabilities of Dinkey Pro/FD in many different ways, allowing you to protect more software on more platforms than ever before.

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(In English) Dinkey Pro/FD version 7.3 released

We are very pleased to announce a new release of the Dinkey Pro/FD SDK, version 7.3. Read on to learn more about what's new in version 7.3 and how it can benefit you.

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