Software Monetisation

Software monetisation solutions from Microcosm help businesses secure the return on investment they are due from their software distribution without fear of losing out to software pirates.

Software is monetised through commercial software licences. These licences can be varied and have a wide range of permutations depending on the business model under which your software is deployed.

Microcosm’s range of software monetisation solutions enable businesses to create and enforce their chosen licensing model while protecting their software from illegitimate use and theft through piracy.

Licensing Models

Using the controls and tools in our solutions, a wide range of licensing styles can be achieved to match your chosen business model.

Sell your software with activation-based software licensing solution.

One-off Purchase

The most traditional software licence in which the end-user pays for the software outright and is granted perpetual use of the software.

Create subscription style software licensing models.


In this model the end-user pays for the software on an ongoing basis, monthly or annually for example.

Create trialware and demo versions of your software with ease.


Easily make trial/demo versions of your software available. These can either be fully featured or feature-limited and can run for a period of your choosing up to 90 days.

Use network-based licensing to limit the number of instances of your software on the network at one time.

Network Licensing

In this model the software is licensed on a network-wide basis and is controlled in terms of number of concurrent users or instances.

Limit the number of machines on the network that can run your software at one time.


A variant of network-based licensing where the software is permitted to run on a given number of machines at any one time.

Sell and control access to individual features of your software.


This model allows you to control access to individual features of your software. Features can be enabled and disabled based on one-off purchase or subscription type payment schemes.

Monetise your software based on the number of uses or executions.


A software licensing model in which the user pays for a set number of uses of the software, a feature or process.

Licence Management

Modern commercial software licences are often dynamic so our solutions offer mechanisms through which you can update and evolve these licences as required by your business.

The software licence life-cycle can be broadly described as

Assign → Update → Revoke

Our solutions offer controls and tools to facilitate this management.

The extent to which you need to manage your licences will likely influence your choice of solution and you are welcome to speak to our team to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Effective software monetisation solutions must be resistant against hacking and reverse-engineering. To this end all our solutions feature advanced software protection measures including:


Software monetisation should be integrated as seamlessly as possible into your software deployment. Two key areas are:

Long-term Support

When choosing a software protection and licensing solution it is vital that the vendor is going to continue to be around in years to come and that the support they offer is there when you need it.

Microcosm has been producing software protection solutions for 30 years and we are continually growing and evolving our solutions. We pride ourselves on our level of support and response times and our thousands of customers globally are testament to this.


Système de protection contre la copie de logiciels et de licences utilisant des clés de sécurité pour protéger vos logiciels contre le piratage

Protection et licences de logiciels basées sur des clés USB

  • Sécurité basée sur le matériel
  • Sans lecteur
  • Support multi-plateforme

En savoir plus

Solution intelligente de protection contre la copie de logiciels et de licences avec des contrôles de gestion basés sur le cloud

Licences et protection logicielle avec contrôle intelligent

  • Licence flexible
  • Surveillance intelligente
  • Administration basée sur le Web

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