SmartSign Multi-Factor Authentication System

Multi-Factor Authentication

SmartSign® protects access to websites, workstations and networks by providing more secure logins.

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SmartSign Multi-Factor Authentication System

SmartSign MFA protects logins against hackers and malware

Secure Your Logins

SmartSign can secure the logins to websites, cloud applications, on-premise apps, networks and physical workstations.

Deploy multi-factor authentication across a wide range of scenarios with ease.

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SmartSign MFA supports many different authentication methods


SmartSign allows you to easily integrate two-factor or multi-factor authentication into your application. It supports many different authentication methods including One-Time Passwords, WebAuthn/FIDO Security Keys and smartphone-based methods like scanning a QR code using the SmartSign app.

All authentication methods can be managed easily through the SmartSign Portal.

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The SmartSign MFA gateway lets you add MFA to your webapp with no programming

Authentication Gateway

The SmartSign Authentication Gateway is the zero-coding approach to adding MFA to your web application. Simply provide a few parameters about your website on the SmartSign Portal and the authentication gateway will enforce MFA in your application for you.

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SmartSign MFA management system

Management System

The SmartSign Portal lets you manage your SmartSign deployments, users and authentication devices. The portal also provides you with detailed activity logs and account management tools.

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