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Smartphone app for programming OATH OTP tokens via NFC

We are pleased to announce the release of our smartphone app for programming OATH OTP tokens. Using an NFC-enabled smartphone our programmable tokens can be flashed with new secret keys and settings. This allows hardware tokens to be used as a replacement for authenticator apps for 2FA/MFA on platforms including Microsoft Azure, Office365, AWS and Google.

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One-time password: frequently asked questions

Nick Smith | 27 March 2020
HOTP Mot de passe à usage unique OTP TOTP

Answers to common questions relating to importing, provisioning and managing OTP hardware tokens in 2FA and MFA environments.

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HOTP et TOTP : quelle est la différence ?

Nick Smith | 3 July 2018
HOTP Mot de passe à usage unique OTP TOTP

HOTP et TOTP sont les deux principaux protocoles permettant de créer des mots de passe utilisables une seule fois, mais quelles sont leurs implications du point de vue de la sécurité, et lequel choisir ?

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New developments in OTP authentication hardware

Nick Smith | 19 January 2017
Authentification Mot de passe à usage unique OTP

Despite the emergence of mobile-based authentication technologies and the convenience they offer, organisations concerned with security continue to embrace the humble One-Time Password (OTP) token and the security it brings.

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