Copy Protection and User Access Control in PHP

You may want to protect your PHP application either by preventing piracy of the server-side source code or by controlling end-user access to the website or web application.

Preventing Piracy of Server-Side Source Code

This is a concern only if you distribute the source code of your website or web application. For example, you may sell your application to companies to host and use on their internal company intranet.

In this case you will want a dongle to be attached to the server on which your code is hosted. You will therefore need to call our API via our PHP extensions. Our PHP extensions are compatible with PHP versions 5.1 (and higher) and we ship extensions for both Windows and Linux based servers.

Having made your code reliant on a successful dongle check, you then need to encrypt your PHP code to prevent the dongle checks being removed. For example, you can use SourceGuardian to do this.

Users can view the website content when the correct dongle is present on the server. If a dongle is not present, an error will be displayed.

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Controlling End-User Access

In this scenario you wish to control end-user access to a website or web application written in PHP. You can use Dinkey Pro dongles to protect access to your web app so that users will only be able to access it if they have the correct dongle attached to their computer.

We recommend that you use SmartSign to do this. SmartSign is a multi-factor authentication system for protecting websites, web applications and cloud apps. You can use it to control end user access using smartphones, OTP tokens, USB and contactless FIDO tokens or Dinkey Pro dongles.

A user is granted access to the website content only when the correct dongle is attached to their computer.

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