Copy Protection Solution for .NET Software

The Dinkey Pro SDK includes complete Visual Studio projects for the .NET languages C# and Visual Basic.NET that demonstrate how to secure your code to a dongle and how to implement a range of strong security measures.

There are also sample code project that show you how to program a dongle; protect your software; generate remote update codes and also to accept the update codes on a client's computer. This allows you to produce your own front-end for these actions rather than use the programs supplied in our SDK.

The samples work in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments and for all versions of Visual Studio that support the .NET languages. The .NET sample code is also compatible with Mono and .NET Core under Windows, Linux and macOS.

As well as calling our API you can use the Shell Method to automatically protect .NET assemblies. In this case not only is your code locked to a dongle but your methods are encrypted to prevent reverse-engineering and piracy of your code. The Shell Method can be used to protect assemblies that target .NET Framework, Mono and .NET Core (version 3.0 or newer) on Windows only.

Note that it is also possible to protect ASP.NET code if you want to prevent piracy of code on the server.

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