Using Dinkey Pro/FD with Python

In the Dinkey Pro/FD SDK we supply Python extensions so that you can communicate with the dongle and perform other more technical security checks using our API. Each version of Python requires a different extension. We supply 32-bit and 64-bit extensions for Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.1–3.6 for Windows, macOS and Linux. We will also support newer versions as they are released.

Python sample code is provided to demonstrate how to call the relevant Python extension.

We also supply some sample code for Cython - in this case you can link with our regular static or dynamic runtime protection modules rather than use the Python extension. This offers a higher level of security and is the preferable solution, if possible.

We do not recommend using the automatic Shell Method of protection on an executable generated by a python-executable converter (such as py2exe, for example). This is because the resulting executable is not a true executable in the sense that it does not contain compiled python code. Normally the python .py files are still attached to the executable in an unprotected form.

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